ASM – Asynchronous Motors

The Sturdy Work-Horses

Asynchronous motors (ASM) are robust and inexpensive drives for mains, frequency converter or servo operation. They can be used in a wide field weakening range. In open loop modes of operation their rotary speed is dependent on the load. Their performance can be enhanced with copper squirrel-cage rotors instead of aluminium rotors. They can be used up to insulation classification H without any need for special measures.

SERVAX recommends asynchronous motors as a first choice if sturdy but easily maintained drives are required. They are suitable for a broad palette of applications – where a constant rotary speed is needed and where a constant output is required across a broad range. Last but not least, they are ideal for machines and equipment with very high operating temperatures.

We will develop and manufacture customized asynchronous motors in the following formats:

  • Models with exterior diameters from 60 to approximately 400 mm
  • As a complete motor or as motor components
  • Air or liquid cooled
  • Internal or external rotors
  • Copper or aluminium squirrel-cages
  • Number of poles matched to suit the application
  • Impregnated or encapsulated windings
  • Efficiency class as specified by the customer
  • Rotary feedback device to suit the application

Cross section of an asynchronous motor with copper rotor


Customized Electric Motors