Machine Door Actuators for Safe Working Conditions

With the latest EU machinery directives 2006/42/EC, every machine manufacturer is obliged to conduct a risk assessment for every machine. There is a crushing hazard on every machine with (automatically activated) movable guards. Notably for machines which are operated by a person, special safety measures have to be taken into account.

Our NT-Series, which has been in reliable service in tough industrial conditions for years, fulfil the new directives to a limited extent only. Therefore, SERVAX in cooperation with TORMAX has developed a system with integrated safety functions, which carries the name SMDA.

Integrated Safety prevents Accidents and Damages

Our machine door actuators SMDA-200 and SMDA-400 are based on the drive technology for pedestrian passages from TORMAX, our partner division at LANDERT Group AG. Thousands of drives have proven their value on a daily basis all over the world and are certified by TÜV (Performance Level d according to EN 13849-1). The system includes the technology for implementing safe force and speed limits. SMDA ensures that the force and permissible kinetic energy compliant with EN 12453 and EN 14120 are safely maintained. Therefore, additional safety elements, such as light barriers or two-handed operation are not required, which helps to lower the overall cost of safe automatic machine doors.

The drive is fitted with a protective function which triggers an immediate change of direction if an obstacle is encountered. Thereby accidents and damages to material and tools can be prevented. The actuation via digitally I/O’s has been simplified. With the user friendly SMDTuner the control unit can be easily configured and offers reliable protection.

You will find further information and technical data in the latest brochure which you can download here as a PDF file.

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