Test Bench

Performance Data, Guaranteed and Verified

SERVAX guarantees all aspects of the performance data of its motors. Theoretical calculations are verified on comprehensively equipped test benches in our own testing laboratory. The measured data and findings are also incorporated into the model calculations of our new motors and developments, resulting in a continuous process of detail enhancement of specifications and optimisations of performance and efficiency figures.

Some Basic Data about our Test Benches

  • Supply voltages up to 700VAC
  • Outputs up to 160kVA
  • Loading brakes up to 100kVA permanent load
  • Various inverters with up to 260A current output, continuous current
  • Dynamometers up to 150kW, 1000Nm – 25000 rpm
  • Cooling systems for liquid-cooled motors

Further Measuring Facilities

  • Temperature measurements with up to 16 channels and infra-red camera
  • Air flow speed
  • Acoustic output, acoustic pressure, vibration speed

We Are Not Afraid of any Comparison

We are happy to make our in-house test bench available to our customers for comparative measurement. Contact us to discuss possibilities:

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