Areas of application

Efficiency as the Key to Success

The modern world is unimaginable without the electric motor. It is one of the most efficient sources of motive power. It is hardly surprising that it is gaining in importance and continually conquering new areas of application.

Drive solutions with a high degree of efficiency are the key to success in complying with more demanding standards. Industry is increasingly concentrating on direct drives as a result of the growing availability of intelligent inverters. The diminishing use of gear boxes and other mechanical transmission devices is an extremely positive influence on the efficiency level of the overall drive.

A Broad Spectrum of Areas of Application

The electric motor is taking over ever more tasks which until now were met by comparably less efficient sources of motive power such as the internal combustion engine or hydraulic drives. What is remarkable about the electric motor is that it can also be used as a generator. This is opening up further areas of application such as combined cycle heat and power stations, the generation of energy from wind, hybrid and fully electric drives in cars and other vehicles, to name but a few.

The Advantages of Electric Motors are Obvious:

  • High efficiency level
  • Low emissions
  • Scalable almost without limit

Optimal drive solutions can be designed with a customer-specific SERVAX motor. Our customers in the machine building industry are creating clear competitive advantages for themselves in their markets through their collaboration with SERVAX.

Your Experienced Partner for Electric Motors

SERVAX has access to almost 90 years‘ experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of electric motors using the widest possible range of technologies. As well as extremely innovative approaches using permanent magnets, we also offer traditional motor technologies which continue to represent the right solution for many applications.

Taking your requirements as the starting point, we manufacture drives which set new standards in terms of utilisation, efficiency level, motor dynamics or rotational speed and torque.