PSM - Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

High Performance Combined with Efficiency

Thanks to the use of permanently magnetic materials, permanent magnet synchronous motors, also called “permanently excited synchronous motors” or “regulated synchronous motors”, enable extremely high levels of utilisation and efficiency (especially in the partial-load range) to be employed.

Very Slender Motors

The excellent performance factors of PSMs significantly reduce power requirements and allow the size of the inverter to be minimised. Extremely slender motors can be achieved with permanent magnets. The rotors remain markedly cooler than is the case with asynchronous motors as rotor losses are much lower. In addition, multi-polar motors are capable of extreme overloads.

Areas of Application: Dynamics and Good Utilisation

SERVAX recommends the use of permanent magnet synchronous motors where stringent demands are placed on utilisation (with regard to space), dynamic capabilities (overload), speed control range and efficiency. These motors can also be used economically where space restrictions are not an issue.

We Will Develop and Manufacture Customized Permanent Magnet Hybrid Motors for you in the Following Formats:

  • Models with exterior diameters from 60 to approximately 350 mm
  • Short or long versions
  • Internal or external rotors
  • Impregnated or encapsulated windings
  • Low or high number of poles
  • Air or liquid cooled
  • Optimised for utilisation, rotation and overload capability
  • Optimal magnetic material customized for your application
  • Rotary feedback device to suit the application


Customized Electric Motors