Hybrid ASM with Permanent Magnets

The Best of Both Worlds

The development of new magnetic materials in the last 10 years has led to an extensive range of brushless motors for the lower range of rotary speeds. On the other hand there is only a limited range of motors for higher speeds. This is precisely the preferred area of application for SERVAX’s patented permanent magnet hybrid motors, also known as asynchronous motors (ASM) with permanent magnets.

Our engineers have combined permanent magnets with an asynchronous cage, thus developing a synchronous motor which is suitable both for mains and frequency inverter use.

Significantly Better Utilisation and Performance Factors

SERVAX permanent magnet hybrid motors combine the best of two worlds. The motor accelerates up to a high rotary speed in asynchronous mode and then switches to synchronous operation, allowing significantly better utilisations, efficiency levels and outputs to be obtained compared with a reluctance motor (one with a rotor made from magnetically soft material).

Area of Operation: High Rotary Speeds

SERVAX recommends the use of these controlled motors where synchronous running is required and where it is possible to do without the full dynamics of servo drives. Groups of drives can also be operated synchronously with a collective inverter. This classic synchronous technology offers astounding advantages from speeds of approximately 50 rpm. Perhaps also for your application?

We will Develop and Manufacture Customized Permanent Magnet Hybrid Motors for you in the Following Formats:

  • Models with exterior diameters from 60 to approximately 400 mm
  • Internal or external rotors
  • Impregnated or encapsulated windings
  • Rotary speeds from 50 rpm to 20,000 rpm
  • Air or liquid cooled
  • Optimised for utilisation, rotation and overload capability
  • Optimal magnetic material customized for your application


Customized Electric Motors