Our Product Range

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The accompanying chart summarises the range of SERVAX electric motors and services. The guiding principle is that we will individually define the ideal technology, cooling method and configuration for every application.

Your requirements and budget form the framework for the solutions we suggest to you. Innovative concepts can extend the performance boundaries depicted in the chart.

The best way to establish if we are also the right partner for your project is to send your requirements, wishes and objectives directly to us by () or phone.

Cooling Air-Cooled Motors
Liquid-Cooled Motors
Type of construction
Housing - Motors
Housing - Motors
Motor Components
Ring Torque Motors
Max. continuous power
Pn [kW] 100 115 300 350 400 400 up to 150
Max. nominal torque
Tn [Nm] 200 370 600 1100 1200 2000 1500
Max. peak torque
Tp [Nm] 1600 4400 1600 4400 2400 6000 6000
Max. speed
N [min-1] 30000 60000 30000 60000 30000 60000 3000

Power at Work