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High Outputs in Carpet Yarn Production

Thanks to SERVAX godet motors, our textile industry customers are breaking into a new dimension of yarn quality at the same time as achieving very high outputs. The machines are designed for 24/7 operation throughout the year – which clearly places extreme demands on the motors. They must, for example, drive heated godets, in which case the temperature of the motor shafts can even reach 200°C and above because of the heat emitted by the godets. SERVAX therefore makes the shafts from heat-resistant steel and treats them using special technologies.

A clever oil mist lubrication system makes reliable, problem-free operation over several years without any maintenance possible. These extraordinarily heavy duty motors are a particular form of synchronous motors which behave like ordinary (line start) asynchronous motors and which switch to synchronous mode as soon as the required frequency is reached. This innovative concept also allows several godets to be synchronised via the same inverter.

Maintenance-Free for Long-Term Use in Web Machines

“Reliable, versatile and extremely productive“ is the phrase used by our customers to promote their machines – machines which contain a main drive from SERVAX. We are therefore making a major contribution to meeting the stringent demands of the 21st century textile industry.

Ruggedness, a long working life, an excellent cost/benefit ratio and energy efficiency which is state of the art distinguish the special motor for the rapier weaving machine. It was specifically designed to maintain its peak performance in demanding continuous working over many years in the textile industry without any maintenance. When designing the motor we paid particular attention to the design of the bearings and the sensitivity of the fan to fluff.