Protective Door Drive NT

Flexibility Thanks to Lack of Dependency Between the Motor and the Control Unit

The NT door actuator impresses by its immense flexibility – the motor and the control unit can be installed independently from each other in and on your machines. The NT also saves time, money and effort when it comes to servicing as it is completely maintenance-free. Its ball bearings remain lubricated throughout its entire life cycle and even if the guide rails wear over time no subsequent adjustment needs to be undertaken thanks to the built-in position measuring system.

The standard supply includes:

  • Direct drive motor
  • 230V or 400V motion control unit
  • Terminal box cover plate
  • Shield connection
  • DoorManager operating software and user manuals on CD-ROM

The connection to the door is by custom-fit components selected from the following list:

  • Free shaft end
  • Toothed belt wheel / idle pulley / belt clamp / custom toothed belt
  • Rack and pinion

There are also further options available in the SERVAX range:

  • Absolute encoders, single or multi-turn
  • PROFIBUS interface
  • I/O extension module
  • Safety module