Protective Door Drive NTiB

The Motor and Control Unit Are in the Same Small Box

The NTiB door actuator is the clever complete solution for horizontal door weights from 40 to 80 kg. In the case of the NTiB, both the motor and control unit are enclosed in a compact box. It is therefore ideally suited for the uncomplicated retro-fitting of a machine with an automatic door. The door actuator is available in two models – with plug connection or a cable gland.

The standard supply includes the following, all contained in an IP65 casing:

  • Direct drive motor
  • 230V (type CDD32004) motion control unit
  • Terminal block
  • DoorManager operating software and user manuals on CD-ROM
  • Toothed belt wheel / idle pulley / belt clamp

To accompany the NTiB, SERVAX can also supply you with the correct toothed belts, clamps and idle pulleys as well as further options such as:

  • PROFIBUS interface
  • I/O extension module
  • Safety module