Programming Protective Door Drives is Child’s Play

A number of settings must be made as a one-off activity when commissioning a protective door system. The DoorManager operating software is included in the scope of supply of the NT protective door drive and turns configuration into child’s play.

The PC software enables the protective door drive to be easily programmed, commissioned and interrogated for status data. The values that are defined can be saved and therefore also used for every other machine of the same model – yet a further convenience for the user!.

Machine manufacturers use DoorManager to configure all their NT drive types for the widest possible range of doors – from the cover of a machine tool to the heavy door of a major piece of equipment. The very welcome result is that you save time and money for commissioning and maintenance.

Intuitive Configuration

The software can be used very easily and intuitively without previous training. A wizard supports you in the main menu and leads you through the sub-menus in only five steps.

Optimisation Made to Measure

Optimisation tools are available to advanced users, in order to achieve the optimum dynamics and elegance of the motion sequence for a specific system: in addition, controller parameters can be directly influenced or used to record motion data in real time by means of the software tools.

Door Manager
Door Manager

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